Data-Ready Connections for Human Capital Management Applications

Disconnected systems are a drain on your productivity and a barrier to organizational agility. You can eliminate the disconnects with data integration, but significant challenges remain. 

Chasma Connect is an integration marketplace that develops connections between your applications, but instead of treating each integration as a custom project, the connect team creates prefabricated plug and play connectors, integrators, ready to deploy into your applications. 

Now, you don’t need to spend weeks or months developing custom integrations for your HR application platforms. 

Take advantage of the Chasma Connect solution and learn how you can  

  • eliminate errors in manual processes,  

  • reduce data discrepancies across systems and platforms,  

  • minimize administrative overhead and duplication of effort, and  

  • improve the agility of your workforce.    

Connect your applications, create efficiencies in your business process and improve your organization’s productivity. 

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