Chasma HRBox - Dashboards for People Analytics

Drag-and-drop templates  — no coding required

Does your HR data live in different systems? Do you find it difficult to bring it together and make sense of it...and to build reports that tell a story?  

You must pull all the data you need and start manipulating wrangling spreadsheets or tabular reports. 

Even then, creating meaningful reports can take you days or weeks. 

Get control of your data. Bring all your data together and create holistic insights into your HR operations with HRBox. 

Chasma’s HRBox gives you the ability to use data from any of your HR applications to create visual insights and group them into dashboards your people can really use. 

  • Develop a unified HR dashboard to keep your senior leaders informed of the metrics that are important to them. 

  • Create multiple dashboards and control them with user security. 

  • Share dashboards with anyone in your organization. 

  • Aggregate data from different HR systems. 

Save your HR staff the pain of dealing with multiple applications and worksheets to analyze and understand your people and business needs. 

Download our data sheet to see how you create actionable business intelligence with a design tool anyone can use. 

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