Chasma Quale - Automated Testing Solution

Automate Your Human Capital Management Application Testing

Testing your cloud learning applications is crucial to making sure they are working well. It is a priority whenever you upgrade or have a software update. This ensures you that all the changes are working well without impacting existing business processes or configurations.

Manual testing is labor intensive and expensive.

But then, you can make your testing process consistent and accurate by automating it.

Eliminate the human error that plagues manual software testing with Chasma Quale - an automated testing solution that eliminates repetitive manual testing.

With a library of 10,000+ testing scenarios (and growing), Quale handles routine tasks so you can focus on critical, high-value testing.

  •  Reduce repetitive, tedious manual testing.
  •  Automate testing of end-to-end processes and integrations.
  • Add your own recorded test scenarios to your library.

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